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UPDATED AS OF 2/22/16!

Note: I am aware of some issues with the current build. In some of the later levels, the lasers don't work properly and there are some leftover assets, glitchy assets, etc.

Transparency is an in-development platformer game. It's a tough-as-nails platformer with tight controls and precise platforming. It also has a transparency mechanic (essentially color-changing) that allows the player to phase through walls of a certain color.

This game is still in an early form. The physics and mechanics are staying, but there is a lot of work to be done in the way of polish, especially art, and a couple more mechanics.

Gamepad is recommended.


Arrow Keys/Left Stick/ D-Pad - Move

Spacebar/A/B - Jump

Left Ctrl/X/Y/LT/RT - Run

Left Shift/LB/RB - Transparent Ability

Thanks for playing! Feedback is appreciated!

Install instructions

Download is a zip. Unzip and run the exe.


Transparency Alpha 0.0.12.zip (2 MB)

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